March 9, 2019

Daily Battle #49: How Gary V’s Crush it helped us to grow 200%, 200%, & 126% for three straight years

A big challenge for business owners is to generate leads that turn into new customers. A lot of them don’t t know how to use social media for their business, they are confused about Facebook ads vs. social media and what one they should use, they get into a cycle of scarcity and hustle because they fail to have the strategies, tactics, and plans to win.

About 2010, a Realator that I met in a networking group asked to come by my Gym and interview me. I said “sure but why?”

He told me he was going to video the interview and use it to promote his business. He went on to tell me that he just read this book by Gary Vanerchuck called Crush it and it inspired him to run this interview campaign.

I read that book and it was a mind shift on how to use social media and content marketing to promote my business. We went on to implement these tactics and strategies and it helped us grow over 500% in three short years.

I want to share with you the Keys to Victory using content marketing and what I learned in the book crush it.

Key 1: Share and be authentic
Key 2: content is king and the king comes first
Key 3: Leverage your team

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