March 6, 2019

Daily Battle #47: 4 Quick Keys to Knowing Your Numbers

Some challenges I see with clients and business owner is knowing where their money goes, how much money they make, how much they spend, and the success of their sales and marketing efforts.
One of my first business coaches drilled into me by making me doing daily numbers in my business. He had a simple spreadsheet template that tracked revenue, marketing, sales, and retention numbers. Yearly on in our coaching relationship, he ended a call early because I didn’t go through that module. OOPS

He told me “Anthony, remember whatever you can measure you can manage.”
When I heard him say that a whole new possibility opened up.
I went a little overboard as I sometimes do.
It was a big revelation, and it taught me how to read my numbers.
I still have those spreadsheets till this day and its great to go back and look at them with my current lends. 

Here are 4 Keys to Knowing Your Numbers:

Key 1: Keep It Simple, duh don’t track too much (like this guy)
Key 2: Use a Spreadsheet, shareable like Google Sheets
Key 3: Pick the 3-5 important numbers you can look at every day and get an idea of is your business is on track
Key 4: Do it Daily

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