March 5, 2019

Daily Battle #46: How to write simple systems and dial in your team in 10 minutes a day

Started working with a new client and one of the challenges they face is being at their bandwidth.

What I call “Operational Capacity.”

Some of the challenge and residence they face are…”It just takes to long.”

“They just don’t know where to start.”

“They have done hired in the past but it hasn’t worked out, and it became a bigger burden or one more thing to do.”

I get it, I have been there in the past.

In fact I in the last few weeks I found myself in that same position. I wanted to expand my VA’s responsibilities, but I found myself resisting and avoiding doing pulling the trigger. I felt like there was so much to do before I even took the first step. List all their new reasonabilities, document what I want to be done, how I want it done, create a way to teach them, etc.
It seemed like a lot to do and truthfully I was overwhelmed.

But then I had this revelation, “I thought why don’t I handle this like I handle my fitness and daily routine, success swinging singles. If I did that, I could write one system a day and implement it that day.”

So, here are 4 Keys to write simple systems and dial in your team in less than 10 min a day.

Key 1: Pick one Area of your business, i.e., Marketing, Sales, Service, Leadership, and one thing that is broken in one of those areas to fix

Key 2: Outline the Current process and what is broken with it.

Key 3: Outline the Improved Process

Key 4: Share, Teach, and Implement

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