January 30, 2019

Daily Battle #33: How to Create Buying with Your Team

On today’s episode of the Daily Battle, we are talking about buy-in and how to create it within your team. Many people struggling with engagement and buy-in. It’s important that you provide the leadership that in turn makes people care therefore buy-in, be accountable and pay attention to the details.

Many people worry or wonder if what they delegate is going to be effective. Part of the problem is the lack of systems in place. With so many moving parts, it’s really important to see the pieces moving through efficient procedures and systems. People want to know what they need to do to be successful. If you do the things mentioned in this episode, you are going to feel the morale. Executing is the game. You can have the best strategy or tactic but executing is the game. As a leader, it’s your job to make sure your team executes.

In this week’s episode:

Takeaway #1: Fostering Accountability
– Have a simple system to hold yourself and your team accountable.
– Use a structure doc to track objectives, timelines, etc.
– Your secret sauce is in how to.
– Use a report sheet to track daily, weekly and monthly tasks.

Takeaway #2: Invest in Your Team

– Understand your employees and team members goals.
– They may have goals of their own and they may not include working for you forever.
– Connect what they are doing inside your business to their ultimate goals or mission.

Takeaway #3: Knowing How Your Team Contributes to Your Goals

– Once you know how you align with your team members’ goals, figure out how they are contributing to your goals.
– The relationship should be mutually beneficial.
– Communication is key to understanding and connecting your goals with your team members’ goals.

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