January 25, 2019

Daily Battle #28: How to Get Over the Fear of Delegation

On today’s episode of the Daily Battle, we are talking about the fear of delegation and how to
get over the fear of delegation. One of the biggest struggles when growing a team is getting out
of the hustler mode and relinquishing tasks to others.

In order to run an effective and efficient team, you will have to let go of the perfectionistic
tendencies and delegate responsibilities to others. You can’t do everything yourself forever if
you want to grow your business.

In this week’s episode:

Takeaway #1: Be okay with breaking things
– Don’t be afraid of making mistakes
– You aren’t supposed to be all knowing
– You won’t ever know everything
– Within breakdown, you can find a breakthrough and improve your business

Takeaway #2: Go and do it
– Lower expectations and take action
– To grow big, you have to focus on the small
– Focus on progress, not perfection

Takeaway #3: Have fun
– If you run a small business, be so grateful that you are the master of your destiny
– If you aren’t having fun, you won’t have a good company and team culture

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