May 27, 2019

Be Battle Ready Podcast Episode #17 – Zach Beach (Wealth Building Through Real Estate)

During this week’s episode of Be Battle Ready, I am talking with Zach Beach, a Smart Real Estate Coach of New Port, Rhode Island. He is a partner and coach who buys and sells properties with his family members. Zach noticed a gap between people selling products and actually getting deals done. The only thing that gets people from point A to point B is full implementation. Zach has completed over 100 deals in under three years. Additionally, Zach is co-authoring his second book called The New Rules of Real Estate Investing.

Zach originally grew up in Massachusetts prior to relocating to Newport after college. At the age of 25, Zach jumped into the family real estate business. He has achieved success in the business and as a coach. On average, the business buys and sells five to 10 properties per month.

Learn more about Zach, his consulting and coaching business and the importance of owning property on this Daily Battle.

In this week’s episode:
Who is Zach?
The gap in coaching/mentoring industry
The benefit of owning property
Passive income
Buying and selling real estate on terms
Zach’s coaching business
Overcoming hardships
What someone can get out of Zach’s book
Advice for getting started
Figuring out your niche

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