May 24, 2019

Be Battle Ready Podcast Episode #16 – Benjamin Douglas Ray – CBD & Hemp for Entrepreneurs

During this week’s episode of Be Battle Ready, I am talking with Benjamin Douglas Ray. He is the COO of Organic Hemp and CBD. We talk about health, wellness, Hemp and CBD, specifically for entrepreneurs.

The Organic is really a way to prepare your body and mind when you are going into business for the day.
By taking CBD, Benjamin has learned a lot about himself.

Benjamin has extensive background in digital marketing. He consulted for CEOs in Colorado on brand identity and digital marketing. Then he became a consult for the Marijuana Industry Group helping them expand their brand and small donor program.

Learn more about Benjamin, Organic Hemp and CBD and the plethora of benefits CBD and hemp can provide, particularly in a business setting on this Daily Battle.

In this week’s episode:
Who is Benjamin?
The importance of taking care of yourself
Difference between THC, Hemp and CBD
CBD isolate
The entourage effect
Anti-inflammatory aspect of CBD
Whole plant vs. isolate
How Benjamin got into CBD
Hemp for consumables and topicals
“The Green Rush”
The Farm Bill
Projections for future of hemp and CBD industry
Uses for CBD
Can kids and pets use CBD/Hemp?
Benjamins experiences in digital marketing
Consistency in marketing
YouTube vs. VIMEO

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