April 26, 2019

Be Battle Ready Podcast: Episode #12 – Bob Dusin (Leadership)

On today’s episode of the Daily Battle I am speaking with Bob Dusin, partner at HPWP group. They focus on leadership development, organizational development and in-house training solutions. Their ultimate goal is to grow and develop leaders. Bob and his business partner Sue had a book published last summer called Creating The High Performance Work Place.

Bob Dusin was born on a wheat and cattle farm in western Kansas. He graduated college with a Civil Engineering degree. After working for a few different companies, he got a call to come work as a training director. He ended up working as a human resources and training director for nine years.  He now works with the HPWP group doing consulting across the country. 

Learn more about Bob Dusin, how he got to where he is today and creating successful work places on this Daily Battle.

In this week’s episode:

  • Who is Bob Dusin and how he got to where he is today
  • Transition from different roles 
  • What make a successful project and team
  • When there is higher trust, there is lower risk
  • Creating a culture of high performance
  • Setting high expectations
  • Having positive assumptions about people
  • Getting to know your people
  • Going from the corporate world to business ownership
  • HPWP group’s customers and target audience
  • Wages and benefits


The High Performance Work Place

Team of Teams- Stanley McChrystal


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Guest Contact Information

Email: Bob@hpwpgroup.com 


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